F&A Management is a well-founded and robust Revenue Cycle Management firm serving Individual Healthcare Practices, Large Multi-site Healthcare Groups, Urgent Cares, Free-standing Emergency Rooms, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Micro-Hospitals.

With years of experience in meticulously handling multi-million dollar accounts for our valued clients and with a 300% annual growth in our client portfolio, we have successfully managed to excel and proved that we are amongst the best in the business. 

We strongly believe that healthcare entities should be reimbursed fairly for the services that they deliver to the community. Our MISSION is to empower and enable them to succeed operationally and financially with a VISION to improve the health of every community we serve.


With our unique hybrid operations structure, we provide 24 hours’ operational support. Our system allows for a workflow that ensures every claim receives adequate reimbursement and reporting while providing matchless patient services.

F&A Management is committed to protecting and securing critical healthcare data in compliance with HIPAA Standards. Our IT infrastructure comprises of encrypted IPSEC VPN connection and advanced FIREWALL implementation, ensuring that your valuable billing and private health data transfer is secure and protected from intrusions.

F&A Management is far from any other revenue cycle management and medical billing company. F&A Management has roots deep into the healthcare industry with experience in managing and operating profitable healthcare ventures while giving back to the community, we integrate the best possible framework to ensure matchless collections and hassle-free operations for our valued clients.

For best results, you want F&A Management by your side.




Credentialing is a complex and delicate process is handled by our experienced professional credentialing specialists to ensure pre-for the requisites f seamless workflow are met timely.

Our Credentialing Team caters but not limited to below:
- Provider / Group / Facility Enrollment with Payors
- Provider / Group / Facility Credentialing (Getting on Insurance Panels)
- Re-Credentialing
- Credentialing Appeals (Getting on Closed Insurance Panels)
- Revalidations
- (CAQH Completion, Management / Attestation)
- Primary Source Verification
- Hospital Privileging / Medical Staff Credentialing
- (Contract Procurement, Evaluation, Negotiation, Compliance, and Payment Auditing)
- Contract Negotiation (In and Out of Network)
- Contract Re-Negotiation
- (State and Federal Registrations and Certifications, Professional / Organizational Liability Coverage, Licensures, and other Credentialing Document Management)
- Sanctions Monitoring and Reporting
- Liaising between the Provider / Group / Facility and the Health plans / Payors.

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Our Certified Professional Coders (CPC) with updated knowledge and latest trends in the industry ensures accurate and compliant coding practices are adopted by setting Industry Benchmark Standards.

Coding lives quietly in the heart of the revenue cycle. Being a vital component of the revenue cycle process that needs to be handled with extreme accuracy and diligence.

If coding is done accurately and completely, claims are adjudicated appropriately in the shortest amount of time possible and upon mishandling, it can have significant consequences on the practice like lower reimbursement, extra administrative time for finalization of claims, which can also result in the errant fraud and other major impacts being dissatisfied patients and bad practice repute.

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Charge Entry

Charge Entry is an essential and crucial part of the whole billing process. If it is not being carried out meticulously the whole cycle may get disturbed and sometimes will likely have to start again.

An experienced team of Billing Professionals carries out this task under the supervision of Certified Professionals who ensure that demographics, procedure codes applied to charts are appropriately entered and verified. Everything in a claim is validated to a check whether it be the date of service, place of service, information related to providers, units, modifiers, information related to facility/practice to reduce the chance of claim rejection.

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Claims Scrubbing

A dedicated team of expert professionals examines each claim for demographic, coding, submission errors prior to submission ensuring valid and accurate data is submitted to the Payors.

Whether it’s in an office/clinic, an FSED/Micro-Hospital, or an ASC, filing a claim involves supplying the appropriate CPT and ICD codes along with any appropriate modifiers related to the procedure performed.

Claims rejections are often the result of human error. This can easily be avoided which causes re-work on claims that can be costly due to the extra administrative work hours requirement.

We focus on reaching the maximum clean claim ratio to ensure the best possible timely processing of the submitted claims.

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We have a dedicated team of experienced and well-versed account receivable specialists rigorously following up on all the submitted claims with the Payors to get timely adjudication status.

Being the heart of the process, our account receivable department is proactively chasing and tracking all the claims submitted to the Payors to make sure nothing is missing and all claims are successfully entered in the adjudication cycle so things keep rolling for seamless cash inflow.

Our account receivable team manages claim actions, resolutions, and tracking of regular workflow fueling the efficiency of the whole process.

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Denials & Appeals

Our team has implemented an exhaustive and systematic approach for all underpaid, partially paid and the denied claims resulting in most of the claims being adjudicated timely with handsome reimbursements.

Our tracking and management of denied claims help us to uncover opportunities to fix them in a timely manner. Our robust Appeals team with experience in trends and tracks of the Payors uses their well-developed relationships with Payors to respond directly regarding underpayments and appeal of no payments.

We have immediate online access to the information requested by Payors. This helps expedite claims adjudication with minimal interruption to the practice.

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Payment Posting

A dedicated team ensures all paper checks, ERAs’ and EFTs’ are reviewed daily and posted timely to give the day-to-day status of the cash inflow to our client's so they know what's going on in their practice.

We cross-compare contracted rates, allowable schedules, and actual payments to spot underpayments for further actions to maximize reimbursement. All claims submission dates, re-filing, as well as follow-up billing and collection notes are recorded and monitored, and tracked from submission to adjudication, ensuring proper handling and reimbursement against each submitted claim.

We have a schema in place for tracking/obtaining any missing detail necessary for payment posting, for post adjustments and unapplied credits, for review of any flag credit balances, and any appropriate takebacks.

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Patient Services

We equip our client's healthcare facilities with a designated patient advocate and customer service representatives that remain in contact with the patients after the delivery of the care.

Our patient advocates along with our comprehensive patient statements provide for a smooth and well-informed experience during the billing process.

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Our dedicated analytics and reporting team analyzes the trends and ensures the implementation of a pre-defined reporting and transparency matrix depicting the real-time status of our clients’ practice.

We have an analytics and reporting module which contains a vast list of pre-defined analyses, reports which give clients’ a clear picture of what’s going on in their practice and how much they are getting paid. We have a set module of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual and annual reports which we send to our clients’ for clarity on work status plus we supply any additional reports on demand.

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Free-Standing ER

We have the track record with the best possible approach and solutions for any Free-Standing Emergency Rooms / Micro-Hospitals with Revenue outcomes they may have never expected.

Being a Revenue Cycle Centered organization owning its own Free-Standing Emergency Rooms and with huge experience in serving multiple Emergency Rooms Clients over the years, we can surprise you with what we can deliver to you.

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IT Services

Our IT services include secure data transmission and storage, access to software, scalable medical facility infrastructure and reliable IT support, and other services mandatory for seamless healthcare operations.

We have a team of highly skilled IT professionals capable of delivering any possible service that one may require.

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Special Services

We are proud of our well-structured RCM system, on top of that we offer Marketing, HR, and Payroll services. We may offer any special services as required by the healthcare entities, get in touch for more info.

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